All items from mainland Australia can be returned for free using Parcel Point.

1/ Book and print your return label at

2/ Register your return here, to make sure no late fees are charged


Return Instructions

1/ Post your items back

After your ceremony, you have up to 3 days to post your items back to us. Items can be returned for free using Parcel Point at Simply put your items back in the original packaging, or any sturdy post bag, tape it up and drop them off at your nearest Parcel Point location.

2/ Register your return

To prevent any late fees from being charged, please make sure you register your return on this page after you have posted them back to us! Our system automatically checks the return postage date, and any incorrectly registered returns will incur an extra $10 admin fee for our staff to make any necessary corrections.

Your card details will be kept on file for 2 weeks after your ceremony before being automatically deleted from our system. If your items are returned late, you will be charged $10 per day after the third day to a maximum of $40.

3/ Or... keep your gowns!

If you decide that you would rather purchase your items for an extra $40, then that's no problem either! Please contact us so that we can charge you the correct amount. Now you've got a fantastic memento of your time at university to hold on to forever :)