Primary and secondary schools

If you're looking to run a ceremony for the kids at your school, whether they're 5 or 18 years old, we've got you covered. With all our graduation items available for hire and purchase, and a huge range of colours to choose from, we can accommodate almost any price and purpose - from formal to fun.

Some of the institutions we work with

Made by experts

As members of the world's premier society for academic dress, the Burgon Society, you can feel confident that all items will be held to the highest quality standards. We put years of experience into every gown we make, to ensure you get the best result at the best value.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, so you can be assured of the highest levels of quality and service from our local staff.

We care about the environment... and having fun!

All our operations are carbon offset, we offer recycled gowns made from post-consumer PET plastic that keep the equivalent of 28 bottles from landfill for every gown made, and we dedicate 10% of all our profits to funding charities and social enterprises.

We encourage schools to celebrate however they feel most comfortable, whether that involves parents helping decorate their kid's caps to raise funds for charity, or having friends sign each others gowns as a memento.