Bachelor Graduation Gown (Purchase)


Our classic black bachelor gown is a full-length robe that features open bell sleeves. The gown has a tightly pleated yoke and is suitable for students and academics at Australian universities

We are proud that our gowns are made from a recycled polyester / viscose blend that prevents the equivalent of 28 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. 

The 310GSM fabric has a beautifully soft hand feel and boasts superior crease and stain resistance compared to materials such as wool or cotton.

Graduation gowns are intended to be loose-fitting. In Australia, we follow the UK tradition and gowns are worn open at the front over existing clothing and should drape down to the mid-to-lower-calf. We recommend that you do not wear bulky clothing under an academic gown in order to maintain its elegant drape.